EMERGE! Rise Up Be Fearless Take Possession of Your Purpose

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Have you felt like there is something missing in your life?
Have you wondered if God intended more or something different for your life?
Have you struggled to clearly see what path to take that will lead to greater fulfillment?

Each and every one of us has a purpose. Every life experience has meaning. Each one of us must find the purpose that was ordained for us in order to thrive in life, be satisfied and make a positive impact on those around us.
All too often the path to find our life purpose is not clear, but there is help, in the form of this insightful book, which provides expertly crafted coaching questions, summaries of key action points and space to journal. EMERGE! helps you find your way through chapters that reveal:
• How pain and tragedy do not define us
• Ways to use your past to move towards the future God has for you
• Why becoming spiritually authentic is key to finding true contentment
• What we can learn from how God revealed purpose in the Bible
• Solutions to common pitfalls to avoid along the journey towards purpose
• And much more…
Designed for every woman who wants to confidently answer the question, “What is my purpose?” EMERGE!, is an innovative and deeply personal approach to living a life of purpose that was meant for you alone.
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